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Debt Consolidation/Chapter 13

A debt consolidation allows you to combine all of your debt into one monthly obligation.

In most cases, this one monthly payment is much less than the amount of total monthly payments, which you are required to make now.

Debt consolidation will stop the repossession of your automobile if you are behind on payments and in many cases, your monthly car payment can be reduced.

Consolidation will stop foreclosure proceedings and provide for the repayment of the delinquent payments over the next 3 to 5 years, thereby allowing you to keep your home. In some cases, Chapter 13 can wipe out your second mortgage

Debt consolidation can wipe out certain taxes and may stop interest and penalties on those that cannot be wiped out.

Debt consolidation will also stop lawsuits, wage garnishments, harassing creditor calls, levies and other collection activity.

Most cases can be filed within two or three days after all the necessary documents are provided.


Straight Bankruptcy/Chapter 7

If necessary, straight bankruptcy may be an alternative more suitable to your particular circumstances. Straight bankruptcy generally wipes out all unsecured debts and will stop collection, lawsuits and garnishments regarding such debts.

Straight bankruptcy will not wipe out certain debts such as student loans, child support and certain taxes.

The fee for a Straight bankruptcy case will vary depending on the particular case. However, you will not find a more affordable fee for the same quality service in San Diego.

Most cases can be filed within two or three days after all the necessary documents are provided.


Debt Negotiation

Debt negotiation is a non-bankruptcy alternative whereby Mr. Kretsch will negotiate for the settlement of your debts at a substantial discount.

The settled accounts are either paid off by a lump sum payment from the client or by way of affordable monthly payments.


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